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Northwestern University Online Reservations

Norris University Center Meeting Rooms

Ryan Auditorium (evenings & weekends only)

Norris Publicity Space (info table, window painting, banners) 

Community Service Vehicle Request (Must have account approved and activated by the Center for Student Involvement)

Dining Hall Request

        The Black House

       The Multicultural Center


       Coming Soon!

        NorrisTV Ad Request


Getting Started


First time users must request an EMS account. You must be a representative of a Northwestern University

Department or Recognized Student Organization. Your request will be pending until it is reviewed by Norris

Event Management staff. Create an Account and submit all required information.


Account requests will be denied if submitted without a valid Northwestern email account

(, or, or if there is

missing or incomplete information. Please allow 2 business days for account activation.


If you have questions at any step of the online reservation process, please click the blue question mark (?) for quick

FAQs. If you have further questions, please contact Norris Event Planning.



Upon completion of your reservation request you will receive an email with details

about the status of your request for space. Please note the status indicated

in the email. 


Event Status Types


Web Confirmed: Your request has been approved and you hold a valid reservation

for the space. Please review your details, correct any discrepancies with your event planner and bring a copy of this confirmation should there be any questions on site.


Web Request: Your request is being reviewed and you will receive a second email indicating

that your request has been confirmed or denied.


Web Canceled: If at any time you cancel your request through our online system, the event status

will be listed as "Web Canceled". Should our office determine that the space is unavailable, the status

will be changed to "Web Canceled" as well.



-If you have questions about Virtual EMS or event concerns, please contact the Norris Event Planning Office- or 847-491-2330